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BINGHAMTON, NY – While the LUMA Projection Arts Festival will not be able to bring tens of thousands of people to downtown Binghamton next month, it’s still creating cutting edge art.

Its production of “Miranda” is touted as a reinvention of live opera in the age of COVID.

The online performance will have 5 singers using motion-capture devices to operate 3-D virtual reality avatars, or animated versions of themselves.

The audience will be able to either watch in 2 dimensions on YouTube or get the full immersive experience by wearing virtual reality headsets.

“It’s a very entertaining piece. The design work that is going on behind the scenes right now is just beautiful. We’re working with a team of 5 designers that is bringing to life an opera that simply could not have been done on the stage,” says Co-Founder Joshua Bernard.

Miranda is set in a futuristic dystopian Manhattan and involves a murder mystery regarding the death of a diet pill heiress.

The production has an interactive aspect in which the audience gets to weigh in on trial procedures and help to determine a character’s guilt.

“The project not only engages a lot of interesting technology, but it’s also a new opera. It is written in a style that incorporates pop and rock elements. It’s a really wonderful piece that will engage our community, expand the audience for opera, and change the way people think about what it is we do,” says TCO General Director John Rozzoni.

LUMA is still raising funds from the community to pay for Miranda, which will be broadcast live late in September.

After losing commitments from the state, county and city, M and T Bank has stepped up with a large sponsorship joining IBM, Visions and Lourdes.

And it’s creeping closer to its $40,000 GoFundMe goal which it must meet by August 10th.

You can find a link to it here.

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