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BINGHAMTON, NY – Because not everyone who is infected by the coronavirus suffers from the same level of symptoms, a local nutritional consultant is sharing his tips on ways to boost your immunity.

Eliot Fiks, owner of Whole in the Wall restaurant on Binghamton’s Southside, also operates a nutritional consulting business called Better Now.

Fiks suggests that people eat garlic, lemons, onions, ginger, green tea and even oysters to boost their immunity.

He says oysters are loaded with zinc which fights viruses and infections.
However, he says pairing the oysters with onions or green tea will aid the body in absorbing the zinc.

Fiks says people should also take vitamin C supplements and should consider buffered C if they have a sensitive stomach.

He also recommends grapefruit seed extract for its anti-viral, anti-fungal and antibiotic properties.

Plus, Fiks says there are a number of lifestyle choices that bolster immunity, including getting plenty of sleep, staying hydrated and fit.

And most of all, try to reduce your stress level.

“You could be taking every supplement in the world and anxiety causes various chemicals to be released in your body that are going to cut them off. So, your job is to try to do everything you can to relax,” says Fiks.

Fiks says people should try to reduce their consumption of sugar because it weakens the immune system.

To contact Fiks for an individualized nutritional report, call him at 722-0537.

You can also use that number to order takeout or delivery from Whole in the Wall.

Its grab and go pantry items, such as pesto, mushroom soup and more, are available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 11 to 7.

The full restaurant menu is available Fridays and Saturdays from 11 to 8.

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