Local National power lifting champion breaks fourth Guinness World Record

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BINGHAMTON, NY – Bending spikes and blowing minds, local power lifter Bill Clark has broken another Guinness World record.

The national champion had 3 records under his belt and broke the fourth earlier this month at Binghamton University.

He bent 7 ten-inch steel spikes to a 90 degree angle in under a minute.

His best-known record is for ripping 23 license plates in half in the same amount of time.

Clark, who is also an adjunct lecturer at B-U and a motivational speaker, achieved the feat as part of the school’s Stress-free Bing program.

Clark told the students that managing anxiety and stress is a big part of his success.

“A world record at this point really doesn’t do much for me. But going in front and knowing that I’m helping somebody out, that means a lot more to me at this stage in my career. You know when I was younger and set a world record it meant a little bit more, you know as you get older you realize there are things much bigger, much more important in this world than bending a steel spike or bench pressing five hundred pounds,” says Clark.

Clark will be featured in the inside cover of the Guinness World Records 2020 book.

A few of his other achievements include induction into the National Weight Lifting Hall of Fame and medaling in international Olympic power lifting.

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