Local clergy members come together to make a statement condemning racism

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BINGHAMTON, NY – Binghamton’s religious leaders gathered Wednesday to make a statement that condemns racism.

The Coalition of Interfaith Clergy gathered at Confluence Park to express their anger and sadness over recent killings of black people.

Members of the coalition apologized for not being open enough to challenge racism in the past, and promised to transform their faith communities.

Leaders from Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Methodist, and other establishments signed the statement.

Union Presbyterian Church Pastor Patricia Raube (ROB) says its time to recognize how religion has played a part in institutional racism.

“Everybody knows their congregation is filled with good-hearted people who aren’t racist and who love everyone, but at the same time, we all also have come to understand that that’s not enough. That what has to happen is that the system must be radically transformed into something that truly respects the worth and dignity of every human being,” says Raube.

Raube says it is her responsibility to hold these issues up when she is writing a sermon so that they can be discussed extensively.

A total of 46 names signed the statement.

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