Local advocacy group holds rally voicing concerns about President Trump appointing a new Supreme Court Justice

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BINGHAMTON, NY – A local advocacy group held a rally earlier in front of the Federal Building over concerns of the new Supreme Court justice vote.

Citizen Action of New York held the rally to voice their concerns over President Trump’s efforts to appoint a new justice to fill the seat left behind with the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the 18th.

The concerns come as Trump is trying to appoint Amy Coney Barrett, who is against the Affordable Care Act.

Citizen Action’s Regional Director Mary Clark is outraged at how quickly Trump is trying to push his pick through, and says this type of decision should be left until after the election so that the citizens who rely on this health care can have a say.

“We should give our voters, us as Americans, that choice to voice our opinions. I think people are going to be making decisions about who they vote for based on this vacancy on the Supreme Court, and we should let that process play out. And because it is so dangerous for us, in this pandemic, to lose our health care, and to rush this judgment,” says Clark.

Currently, the Affordable Care Act provides health care coverage to over 20 million people, including over $828,000 in New York.

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