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WASHINGTON DC -While the Senate has been on summer recess, lawmakers have continued to discuss ways to address gun violence in America.

Democrats want to bolster background checks but the Republican-controlled Senate and the White House could block any effort to change the status quo.

NewsChannel 34’s Morgan Wright reports on one Senator who continues to work toward finding a plan that could become law.

In the aftermath of the mass murders in El Paso and Dayton – finding ways to stop gun violence in America is top of mind for many lawmakers.

Connecticut Democratic Senator Chris Murphy says while conversations with the White House have been constructive… the outcome is far from certain.

{***Senator Chris Murphy, D/CT ***} I’m engaged with the White House on a near daily basis to try and find a pathway forward on a bill that would expand background checks

{***Senator Chris Murphy, D/CT ***} I don’t know that we’re going to get a final product in the end, it’s very hard to negotiate with this White House

But Murphy says political pressure is building.

{***Senator Chris Murphy, D/CT ***} Republicans are probably going to lose the Senate and the White House if they don’t break from the gun lobby

While support for expanding background checks is uncertain… the Heritage Foundation says both Democrats and Republicans agree on Red Flag Laws to keep guns out of the hands of people considered a threat to themselves or others.

{*** Amy Swearer, The Heritage Foundation ***} there’s room for agreement for laws that are specifically and narrowly targeting dangerous individuals and identifying them and disarming them without broadly infringing on the rights of everyone else…

but Senator Murphy says Red Flag Laws won’t solve the problem…

{***Senator Chris Murphy, D/CT ***} If that’s all that we did at the federal level- that’s just not enough.

He and Jonathan Lowy with the Brady Campaign say the American people want universal background checks…

{***Jonathan Lowy, Chief Counsel, VP Legal, Brady Campaign ***} there is more support for universal background checks for example than probably any other piece of legislation on any issue in America today

despite that public support… Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will ultimately decide if the proposal is brought before the Seante for a vote.

In Washington, Morgan Wright.

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