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BINGHAMTON, NY – US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand visited Binghamton today to announce bipartisan legislation aimed at supporting those battling addiction.

The former Presidential candidate visited the Family and Children’s Counseling Services to promote a law that would provide important tools for families to support their loved ones in recovery.

The Democrat calls it the Family Support Services for Addiction Act, which has a grant program for nonprofits and community organizations to provide substance use treatment.

Gillibrand says addiction can expose families to a pain they never expected.

US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says, “It’s devestating. And it starts with something that is so hard to get out of. Addiction. It changes your body, your chemistry, your brain. It changes everything. And you can’t imagine a person getting out of it without support because they can’t,” says Gillibrand.

Gillibrand says families of those battling addiction have also been fighting an unforgiving stigma.

She says sympathy for those addicted to drugs is hard to come by.

Family and Children’s Counseling Services CEO Lisa Hoeschele says many families are not even aware of an addiction issue until it’s too late.

“Families need to know what’s going on, how they can access services, and what kind of services are available. They also need to know how to navigate the very complicated insurance environment. Often times, insurance companies are not providing the coverage that they need to for addiction services,” says Hoeschele.

Hoeschele says she would like to use the grants to work with other organizations who are providing residential support to those in need.

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