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 SCRANTON, PA – Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden made a series of stops today in the key battleground state of Pennsylvania.

As NewsChannle 34’s Kevin Hayes shows us, that included a visit this morning to his childhood home in Scranton.

Eyes across the nation and especially here in NEPA are fixed on the presidential race today.

It was a pleasant surprise for one Scranton neighborhood with some ties to that race.

Just a block away from the Marywood University campus, Scranton native son and presidential hopeful Joe Biden made one last trip to 2446 North Washington for some good luck.

Born in northeast PA, when the former Delaware Senator and U.S. Vice President comes back, people know.

“They were actually in the middle of school and our mailman told us that this was going on and we ran down the street,” Jack Davis of Scranton said.

“He went to our school right down this corner here, St. Claire’s,” Sister Mary Ellen Higgins of Scranton said.

A neighborhood cheering on a part of their history with aspirations of a return to the White House. There may not be anyone more excited about the visit to the old Biden house, than the family that’s been living there now.

Martin Kearns got to let the candidate reminisce with his granddaughters about simpler, scrappy Scranton times.

“We talked about, you know, in 2008 when we talked about getting in a fight in the backyard. He’s showing them he’s like this is the yard and this is the window. My mother looked out, you know, so it was really, it was really kind of special… my mom,” said Martin Kearns, who grew up in Biden’s old home.

Kearns says the neighborhood and mother know best.

“My mom always says, if anyone knew Joe like she knows Joe they’d never vote for Trump. You know and I think Scranton is gonna have a great turnout and I, I think Joe is gonna win Pennsylvania, win the White House,” Kearns said.

No matter who wins this election, it will prove to be a historic day for the entire nation, but it may just be that much more special for the people in Scranton.

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