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WASHINGTON, DC – In its last vote before bugging out for the July 4th Holiday, the House will likely pass a 1.5 trillion dollar infrastructure bill to jump start the economy and rebuild America’s infrastructure.

NewsChannel 34’s Morgan Wright has more on the partisan battle it may create.

House Democrats say the nation’s roads, bridges, and airports are crumbling – and need saving.

{Congressman David Cicilline, D/RI} Our infrastructure is stuck in the 1950’s.

House Democrats’ – Moving Forward Act – would inject 1.5 trillion dollars into fixing the nation’s infrastructure… as well as address the digital divide by expanding rural broadband.

Rhode Island Congressman David Cicilline says it’s time to bring our infrastructure into the 21st century.

{Congressman David Cicilline, D/RI} This is a bill that invests in the well-being of our cities and towns.

New York Congressman Brian Higgins says the bill will create millions of jobs… right when 40 million people are unemployed because of the pandemic.

{Congressman Brian Higgins, D/NY} … jobs in the construction trades, jobs in the supply and materials industries // The program is good for the economic growth at a time when our nation is desperate for economic growth.

But the bill faces strong opposition from the White House and the Republican-controlled Senate. Republicans say the infrastructure package is just a political exercise.

{Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R/KY} No wonder the White House has declared it not a serious proposal and made clear this will never become law. So, naturally this nonsense is not going anywhere in the Senate.

{Congressman David Cicilline, D/RI} As a candidate, President Trump promised to rebuild our infrastructure. It turned out to be yet another empty promise.

While President Trump has threatened to veto the House bill a separate infrastructure bill is already making it’s way through the Senate.

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