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VIRGIL, NY – While last week’s first shot of snow largely melted over the weekend, there’s one place nearby with snowfall of a more lasting nature.

NewsChannel 34 StormTeam Meteorologist Lindsay Raychel visited Greek Peak where the flakes have been flying for days.

You may think it’s too early and you may not be jumping for joy about this wintry weather but local ski resorts couldn’t be more thrilled.

“It is very early, but Mother Nature is very tenacious and when you get an opportunity like this, you have to jump on it,” says vice president of sales and marketing Drew Broderick.

With temperatures below freezing and just the right relative humidity, Greek Peak was able to turn on nearly 80 snow guns Thursday night.

“We’ve got a great weather forecast, hope to continue for about five days,” Broderick said. “There might be a little pause in between there, but we’ve got some great solid days and nights of snowmaking.”

Advancements in the snowmaking technology has really boosted the skiing, snowboarding and snow tubing season at Greek Peak.

They have more snow guns, which produces more snow, making more trails available for you on opening day.

Broderick said, “In past years, they would concentrate on two trails, but now with snowmaking improvements we’ve made over the past several years, right now, they’re working on five to six trails, plus the tubing center, so we’re hoping for more opening day terrain for the guests to play on.”

The last couple winters have been challenging with the up and down temperatures.

“It’s not like 20 years ago when you just knew you were going to have a really robust winter, solid from the time snow started ’till you got into the spring. Things just change and so that’s, I think, the success of a ski resort, is understanding those weather patterns and having a staff that’s flexible and guests that know when we have these opportunities,” Broderick said.

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