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ALBANY, NY- Governor Cuomo is setting even stricter density reduction measures today, now requiring that 100 percent of the non-essential workforce stay home.

NewsChannel 34’s Capitol Correspondent Corina Cappabianca has the latest on the executive order. 

Corina what are the new policies?

The order is called ‘New York State on Pause.’

The Governor says it’s essential for the safety of everyone. 

((Andrew Cuomo, Governor))

What I do will affect you, and what you do will affect me. 

That’s the message that Governor Cuomo had as he rolled out his ‘New York State on Pause’ plan.

((Andrew Cuomo, Governor))

Only essential businesses will be functioning. People can work at home. God bless you. But only essential businesses can have workers commuting to the job or on the job.

He says that businesses that don’t comply will face civil penalties or mandatory closures.

The other part of the order:

((Andrew Cuomo, Governor))

Remain indoors to the greatest extent to protect physical and mental health.

There are also specific rules for people over 70-years-old, those with compromised immune systems and people with underlying medical conditions.

((Andrew Cuomo, Governor))

Remain indoors, go outside for solitary exercise, prescreen all visitors and aids, don’t visit households with multiple people. 

He also says the ‘vulnerable’ population should wear a mask if they are with others, and that those people should be wearing one too. And he’s urging those who are vulnerable not to take public transportation unless it’s ‘absolutely necessary.’

((Andrew Cuomo, Governor))

I call it Matilda’s law. My mother’s name is Matilda. Everybody’s mother, father, sister friend in a vulnerable population, this is about protecting them.

For non -vulnerable groups the Governor says that social distancing must be practiced and that there should be no non-essential gatherings.

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