Governor Cuomo continues push for supplies, more hospital room

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ALBANY, NY – Governor Cuomo gave an update from the Javits Center on the status of COVID-19 in New York State.

The Center has been transformed into an overflow hospital. That’s in addition to the USNS comfort which arrived in New York’s harbor today. 

NewsChannel 34’s Corina Cappabianca has more on what he had to say about Upstate New York.

((Corina Cappabianca)) There have been more than 66,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in New York State.

Only one county, Seneca County has no reported cases. 

((Andrew Cuomo, Governor)) Anyone who says this situation is a New York City only situation is in a state of denial. You see this virus move across the state. You see it move across this nation.

The Governor had a statewide healthcare establishment meeting to work together and foster more coordination.

((Andrew Cuomo, Governor)) We have hospitals in Upstate New York that are experiencing none of this where they have staff capacity, they have bed capacity. We need you now here in this fight and engaged. 

As the virus spreads, the Governor says the state needs supplies ‘desperately.’

He says states, private hospitals and the federal government continue to compete against one another driving the prices up. 

((Andrew Cuomo, Governor)) We’ve created a situation where you literally have hundreds of entities looking to buy the same exact materials, basically from the same place which is China. 

((Corina Cappabianca)) The Governor says that ventilators that once cost 20 to $30,000 can now cost $50,000.

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