Four teenager, one adult charged with murder in Worcester

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Worchester, NY: Five people have been charged in connection to the fatal shooting of a 53-year-old in the Otsego County Town of Worcester.

As Ben Dennis of our sister station WUTR reports, four of the suspects are teenagers.

“his was not a random attack.”

Five people have been charged in a fatal shooting in Worcester. Four are teenagers.

Two fifteen year olds, and one 17 year old face 2nd degree murder and 1st degree burglary charges.

32 year old Nicolas Meridy faces the same. Another teen is charged solely with 1st degree burglary.

Their age was not shared.

Scott Heggelke, NYSP Troop C
“The victim was targeted. there’s not threat to public safety there. And again we’re very confident that everybody that was inside that residence, we have them in custody.

(Ben Dennis)
53-year-old Kenneth Robinson was found dead inside this home, along head road, in the town of Worcester last Thursday evening.

Police responded here around 9:17 pm for a report of a fire.

The trooper actually went in and pulled the subject out from inside the house because the house, again, was on fire and discovered that the subject was deceased. it was obvious that he was the apparent victim of gunshots.”

Police did not say where Robinson was shot on his body–citing those details will come out at trial.

“We have recovered some firearms, but i’m not saying we have the gun that was used. there’s lots of testing on firearms.”

The motive was identified.

“Robbery. but we’re working towards exactly what they’re looking for. We don’t want to say exactly what they were looking for. And probably we won’t release that until trial”

Two of Robinson’s children were said to be inside the home at the time of the fire, which police say, was intentionally set near a rear bedroom.

“Question: what happened first? the fire or the gunshots?
answer: gunshots.”

Police say the kids made it out safe.

None of the suspects lived in Eobinson’s home.

Three were taken into custody in Oneonta–a 30 minute drive, south.

And two suspects in Downsville–over one hour away

Police shared there is a familial relationship between Robinson and at least one suspect.

Two teens are being held in a Syracuse facility, two teens in a Buffalo facility

Meridy is at Otsego county jail.

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