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ALBANY, NY – A newly signed New York State law is pushing back against telemarketers.

NewsChannel 34’s Corina Cappabianca spoke with the Senate and Assembly sponsors of the legislation for more on what it will do.

Even though the ‘Do Not Call Law’ has been on the books for nearly two decades, it may seem like we get calls from telemarketers now more than ever.

Now the “Nuisance Call Act” aims to address loopholes when it comes to live telemarketers.

((Todd Kaminsky, NYS Senator))
They’ll have to alert the person live on the call and tell them… if they want to be on their do not call list, they could just tell them and that will also immediately terminate the call.

The second part of the law is meant to protect consumers’ information.

((Amy Paulin, Assemblymember))
If you sign up for to receive information from one business, that business can’t in turn sell or give that information to an affiliate, or to another business, so that if you sign up for information you’re going to get one phone call not 100.

And you’re going to be able if you don’t like one phone call to put yourself on a do not call list.

I think will deter a lot of these calls from happening and get a lot of these calls to be terminated very early on and then not made to those people again.

According to the Governor’s office the ‘Do Not Call Law’ was implemented in 2001.

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