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BINGHAMTON NY – We continue our look tonight at the most high-profile race underway in Broome County, the one for District Attorney.

Mike Korchak, a lifelong Republican, narrowly lost the GOP primary to Paul Battisti.

So, he accepted the endorsement of the Libertarian Party to create a 3-way race with Battisti and Democrat Debra Gelson.

Korchak says regardless of party affiliation, he’s best suited for the job.

Mike Korchak boils it down to 3 key attributes: experience, results and integrity.

Korchak has 21 years of prosecutorial experience with the Bronx County D-A and during 2 stints in Broome County as the Senior and Chief Assistant District Attorney.

In between, Korchak spent roughly 9 years handling criminal defense and family law cases. Korchak says his experience is unparalleled.

Korchak says, “I have over 100 jury trials that I have conducted, 14 murder trials to verdict. That’s more than any other attorney in the county that does trials. I believe you need to have that experience so that you can teach the younger attorneys, evaluate the cases and make the determination, as the District Attorney of the county, which cases go to trial and which cases should be resolved without a trial.”

As for results, he says the numbers speak for themselves. And he’d hate to see momentum lost on the progress that’s been made.

“Since I’ve been in as Chief Assistant, crime is down 20%, overdose deaths have been cut in half, we’ve expanded drug treatment court and implemented new programs to give people alternatives to incarceration so that they can get their lives back on track.”

Korchak says he became a prosecutor so that he could give back to the community.

And he wants to continue to serve the area where he and his wife Nadine raised their 3 children.

Korchak says that while many Chiefs of Police may have endorsed his opponent, they’re not the ones he works directly with to testify in trials.

He says he has a great working relationship with rank and file officers who are the ones keeping the streets safe.

Korchak says he’ll always be truthful with the people.

Korchak says, “I will never tell the voters or the citizens of Broome County a lie. I will never mislead them, like all these misleading ads that have come out during the campaign from my opponent. That’s just not honest and I would never do that to the voters of Broome County.”

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