Congressman Antonio Delgado pushes for rural communities to be included in next coronavirus relief bill

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WASHINGTON, DC – Congress has passed the coronavirus relief “CARES” Act, which means a lot of money will go to areas of the state with a lot of people.

One New York Congressman is worried because his district doesn’t have a lot of people.

NewsChannel 34’s Morgan Wright reports Antonio Delgado wants rural governments included in the next coronavirus relief bill.

{Congressman Antonio Delgado, D/NY} We were left out.

Congressman Antonio Delgado says local governments in his rural New York district are hurting…and weren’t included in the federal coronavirus relief package.

{Congressman Antonio Delgado, D/NY} …our police officers, our firefighters, who are in need of support in light of the shortage in regard to tax revenue.

Most of the 150-billion dollars in aid for local government– went to states and larger cities.
As negotiations continue on the next coronavirus relief package — Delgado says Congress needs to focus on helping smaller cities and towns.

{Congressman Antonio Delgado, D/NY} making sure all communities, all local government, no matter the size, no matter how rural, are going to be able to get some relief in this situation.

Delgado has introduced bipartisan legislation – that would do just that.

But some Republicans argue – Congress should wait and see…before sending any more money – anywhere.

South Dakota Senator John Thune:

{Senator John Thune, D/SD} Speaker Pelosi has come out and said we need a trillion dollars in additional assistance for state and local governments … it’s hard for me to see how you can make a statement like that, not knowing what the original 150 billion dollars has been used for.

Thune says the Treasury Department’s recent decision to broadened how states may spend federal relief money may help local governments continue to pay for essential services.

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