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UTICA, NY – The two major candidates for the congressional seat representing Binghamton debated over key issues last night.

Democratic incumbent Anthony Brindisi traded remarks with Republican candidate Claudia Tenney on WBGH NBC-5 and Binghamton Homepage dot com at Mohawk Valley Community College.

The candidates took questions from NewsChannel 34, plus our sister stations WSYR in Syracuse, and WUTR in Utica.

Key topics involved dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, internet service while students are forced to learn remotely, and President Trump.

Tenney says her own small business is struggling during the pandemic, and says Brindisi is dragging his feet in dealing with the crisis.

“Many businesses sadly are not going to be able to survive, but what’s in the bill, and Mr. Brindisi co-sponsored, and supported, was things that have nothing to do with COVID response. For example, releasing dangerous criminals into our communities, abolishing voter ID, giving back-dated stimulus checks to illegal immigrants, prioritizing them over our small business community,” says Tenney.

Brindisi says what his opponent accused him of is not true, adding that he had just opposed the most recent HEROES bill to bring forward a bipartisan plan to the floor.

Brindisi says he has been working with a bi-partisan effort to put together meaningful legislation to help those affected by the virus.

“I’m not going to engage in finger-pointing. The fact of the matter is we need to get another COVID-19 relief bill passed. That’s why I came together with a bipartisan group in the House, the Problem Solvers Caucus, to really get talks going again, to get leaders in the White House, in the House, unfortunately the Senate has been absent from those discussions, back together so that we can pass another COVID relief bill,” says Brindisi.

Things got even more heated as the 1-hour debate continued further on, with Brindisi saying Tenney spent more time in Washington than she did in her own district while he has consistently been doing public events.

Tenney accused Brindisi of being a puppet of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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