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KIRKWOOD, NY – Willow Run Foods in Kirkwood is the Greater Binghamton Chamber Business of the Week.

Willow Run is a wholesale food distributor serving fast food franchises across the Northeast from Maine to Virginia.

It has contracts with Wendy’s, Popeye’s and Arby’s.

Willow Run was founded in 1949 by Bob Hanley, a local egg farmer who delivered his eggs to local eateries.

It expanded into distributing restaurant supplies around Greater Binghamton until 1989 when it decided to focus solely on its regional chain accounts.

Vice President of Human Resources Carol Wallis says what sets Willow Run apart is that it is employee-owned, with its 430 workers receiving 15% of their pay in company stock.

“You can see that when you come into the building, when we have meetings. People are very interested in what’s going on in the company because it affects them directly. We’re not working for somebody else, we’re working for ourselves,” says Wallis.

Wallis says the stock is the basis of the employees’ retirement plans.

And Willow Run is looking for more employee owners.

Wallis says there’s a desperate need for drivers with commercial licenses as well as warehouse workers.

Training is provided.

To apply, go to

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