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BINGHAMTON, NY – This week’s Black Owned 607 profile spotlights a Binghamton man who after many years of struggling to get his contracting business off the ground is now fielding job offers left and right.

James Brown, owner of Brown Remodeling and Construction, is getting ready to start a major renovation of the old Cameo Theater on Robinson Street in Binghamton.

Brown has been working in the construction trades since he was 17.

9 years ago, he started his own business offering a wide range of services for residential and commercial customers.

Roofing, flooring, paint, sheet rock, woodwork, tile and especially decks.

Brown says he provides A plus quality at an affordable price.

“I’m not trying to get rich off of one project. I’m not trying to dig deep in somebody’s pocket for one thing. Where I probably could get a couple extra thousand, I don’t want that. I want a price where I’m happy, enough to pay myself and my guys, and the customer’s happy to say, ‘Alright, he did a great job and that didn’t hurt too much. I’m going to call him again. I’m going to tell my friends,'” says Brown.

Brown says the first few years of running his business were particularly difficult as he often lost out on jobs to white competitors even if he had more experience or offered a better price.

If I come knock on your door, look at me, I have muscles, tattoos, I personify a stereotype that most people are afraid of. Although, if you get to speaking to me, I’m a very humble, articulate gentleman. But, looking at me, I scare people. It was real difficult. THere’s a lot of muted racism around here that people aren’t aware of,” says Brown.

Brown says he’s benefited greatly from being promoted on the Facebook page Support Black Business 607 which inspired our series.

He says he lost some of his workers to other jobs when he was idle during the COVID lockdown and is looking to hire 5 to 10 additional skilled laborers.

To contact Brown, call 744-7963.

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