Binghamton University resumes in-person learning

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BINGHAMTON, NY – There’s good news out of Binghamton University regarding its COVID-19 outbreak.

SUNY Chancellor Jim Malatras returned to B-U today to announce that students will be allowed back in the classrooms starting tomorrow.

Exactly 2 weeks ago, Malatras suspended in-person instruction as the university exceeded the 100 case limit over a 2 week period.

BU is currently at just 34 cases in the current period which ends on Friday.

In fact, of nearly 800 surveillance tests taken yesterday, there was only one positive.

“0.54%, compared to the average of the county right now, which is 3.5%, shows that even the college campus is lower than the surrounding community,” says Malatras.

The campus will return to the same level of activity and restrictions from prior to the pause.

Some activities, like basketball practices, can resume and students can once again eat in the dining halls.

However, BU President Harvey Stenger says steps will be taken to discourage students from eating in groups.

“If you don’t absolutely have to go someplace, don’t go. Let’s continue to work together so that come Thanksgiving, we can all celebrate a successful in-person semester,” says Stenger.

Stenger says he’s confident that the university will remain in-person until right before Thanksgiving when an extended winter break that runs through January will begin.

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