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BINGHAMTON, NY – Binghamton University is turning into a ghost town as most students choose to leave campus and non-essential staff have been staying home.

The university has asked students that live on campus to let them know by next Tuesday whether they plan to stay in the dorms for the remainder of the semester or return home.

So far, roughly 6,000 have indicated that they are leaving, most of them by this weekend.

About 400, many of them international students, plan to stay while another 700 have yet to report their plans.

Steps will then be taken to rearrange the remaining students.

“Putting them in single rooms, as little bathroom sharing as possible. That will happen probably over the next week, we’ll be moving students around. But, first we have to see where the empty spaces are, where the students are that are currently here, and then we’ll relocate them so that they can be as safe as possible,” says B.U President Harvey Stenger.

Stenger says that of the 3,500 employees on campus, 400 are on the essential list for keeping the university running and safe.

The rest are working from home although about 100 professors each day are choosing to come to campus to teach their online instruction from their offices.

The president says it’s highly unlikely that graduation ceremonies will go ahead as planned in mid May and will probably get delayed until late August or later.

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