Anthony Brindisi holds town hall at Maine Endwell High School

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Congressman Anthony Brindisi is meeting with the county of his districts which included a stop at a local middle school Tuesday night.

Brindisi met with constituents at Maine Endwell Middle School for a town hall session.

He spoke about his accomplishments quite similarly to how he had yesterday at the Broome West Senior Center.

The freshman congressman then took questions from the audience ranging from the cost of prescription drugs, to the cost of health insurance.

The representative says having a town hall is essential for any good leader.

“It’s an honor for me to be able to represent this area down in Washington, and the reason I like doing these town hall meetings when I’m back home is to be able to hear from folks first hand. I always say that if you’re not a good listener, you can’t be an effective representative down in Washington, and part of listening is showing up, and hearing from the people,” said Brindisi.

After getting a question about Binghamton baseball, and the fate of the Rumble Ponies, Brindisi put on a Binghamton Baseball shirt, firmly cementing his support for the Double-A team that plays at NYSEG Stadium.

It wasn’t all easy questions from satisfied constituents for the congressman.

The question and answer session was quickly interrupted by a woman who wasn’t thrilled when Brindisi voted to impeach President Trump.

The woman was booed by other constituents who felt like she was speaking out of turn, and was later ejected from the town hall amid cheers.

Brindisi defended himself saying that he said he would wait for all the evidence to come out before making his final decision on impeachment.

The woman’s rebuttal was drowned out by cheers.

Brindisi plans to host a town hall in every district just as he did last year

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