Algae blooms cause issues in the Southern Tier

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WHITNEY POINT, NY – Algae problems have forced a popular hang-out location just north of Whitney Point to temporarily close.

The beaches at Dorchester Park are closed for now because of a new blue-green algae bloom to protect park visitors.

If a person comes into contact with the plant, which normally grows in shallow waters like the swimming area, he or she could experience some itchy skin, or vomiting.

The Broome County Health Department says if you ever have a run-in with the algae, you should take a serious bath.

Director of Environmental Health Joshua Phelps says the time to clear the algae fluctuates on a case by case basis.

“If it’s a small bloom, and it’s in a place that has some more wind that others, this section of Dorchester sometimes has wind, sometimes it doesn’t, which I think is maybe part of the issue why it is taking a little bit longer this time. If you have a bloom in an area, then they have good current flow, and some good wind speed, it may clear in a day, 2 days, it may be longer,” says Phelps.

The Broome County Office of Parks, Recreation, and Youth Services says it will notify the public with Dorchester Park reopens.

Nathaniel Cole Park and Greenwood Park are still open for now.
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