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Technical Services Coordinator

Sentry Alarms, LLC - Binghamton

Technical Services Coordinator – Sentry Alarms, LLC


The Sentry Alarms Technical Services Coordinator will schedule all field technicians who install and service alarms as well as business and residential control systems. The Technical Service Coordinator will communicate over the phone and in writing with customers, fellow employees and vendors of Sentry Alarms. The Technical Service Coordinator will work as a team with fellow Sentry Alarms employees to educate and assist customers. The Technical Service Coordinator will be responsible for providing an excellent customer experience and efficient use of Sentry alarms’ Technicians’ time.


Key Duties and Responsibilities:

• Schedule Installation and Service Appointments

• Schedule Meetings

• Communicate with customers on scheduling and any necessary follow up

• Take inbound and make outbound calls to customers, technicians, and fellow employees

• Will update job status, and complete jobs in our software system

• Troubleshoot technical matters with customers

• Requisition necessary parts

• Make paperwork available to technicians

• Ensure that Technicians are fully stocked

• Receive paperwork from Technicians, including but not limited to timesheets, work orders, inventory requests

• Provide pricing to customers

• Run progress reports

• Accept deliveries

• Other duties as assigned


Skills & Qualifications:

• Excellent organization skills

• Able to prioritize multiple tasks

• Able to use maps and vehicle tracking systems for high productivity

• Able to direct the work of others

• Able to retain and relay information

• Able to thrive in a busy situation

• Able to be trained in technical details and processes

• Able to use various electronic devices, including but not limited to tablets, smartphones, laptops

• Proficient with software programs, including but not limited to email

• Effective written and oral communicator;

• Able to work both independently and as part of a team;

• Able to work with people from a variety of ages, socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds;

• Excellent communication skills

• Phone skills, including handling multiple calls

• Math skills

• Ability to multi-task

• Ability to focus on multiple priorities

• Excellent attention to detail


Job Requirements:

• Ability to work overtime

• Ability to sit for long periods

• Ability to resolve issues

• Ability to positively interact with customers

• Ability to anticipate issues


Contact Information

Sentry Alarms, LLC

David Levenson

40 Chenango Street

Binghamton, NY 13901


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