For the New York Yankees, after not losing a game for basically two weeks, they lost four straight games earlier this week and needed a big win.

To get that big win, they turned to their ace: the $324 million man, California native Gerrit Cole. He earned every penny on Wednesday night against the Los Angeles Angels. Cole struck out batters over seven innings. It was an outing that the team really needed, and Cole did not shy away from the moment.

Cole has held opponents to two runs in 24.2 innings, an earned run average of 0.73. Thursday night was his fifth game this season with over 12 strikeouts; that’s the most in Yankees single-season history. And this all happened since Cole came back from the COVID-19 injured list.

For the New York Mets, could they finally be turning things around?

It was a rough August for the Amazins; Nine wins, 19 losses, though they did end the month on a four-game winning streak.

The Mets play 10 games against the Miami Marlins and Washington Nationals to start September, and they need to win almost all of those games if they want to get back in the playoff race.

The players and coaches hope all the drama is behind them, and now they can just worry about winning games.

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