AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) – Masters week brings people from all over the world to the Garden City. Businesses look forward to extra profits from the golf patrons. 

NewsChannel 6 reporter, Devin Johnson, spent time in the All-America City to see how Aiken is benefitting from this year’s Masters. 

“Aiken is pretty small but there still a ton of people,” said Cyndi Sweet Shoppe employee, Stephaine Morales. “I think Masters doubles the amount we have.”

Businesses, including Cyndi’s Sweet Shoppe, are seeing an increase in foot traffic this week, as golf patrons in Augusta make their way to Aiken.

Morales says the goal is to welcome visitors not just to the store, but to the town. 

“We already have the mindset that, we need to be quick and helpful, and all around mindful of everything,” explained Morales.

One couple told Devin, Aiken is the best-kept secret during Masters week.

“We’ve stayed in Augusta for the first couple of years but then we’ve discovered Aiken, and we love it,” said Jim and Sandee Plescia. “So we have been coming to Aiken for the past ten years.”

The Chicago couple has been coming to the Masters for 17 years.

They say it’s a tradition for them to shop downtown when they break away from the tournament.

“We always come here, and we always do the shops,” explained the Plescias. “We always fly in an extra day when we don’t go into the tournament, and we always come to downtown Aiken.”

Just like the treats they serve, Morales says it’s sweet to have new guests visit the area.

“Downtown grabs their attention, and they walk in the alley,” said Morales. “So in a way, it does benefit us; we see many people coming down regardless.”