AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Some of the pros out here this week for the Masters are fathers to little girls. We asked these golfers what they thought about the women’s tournament– that built momentum leading into this Masters week. 

2017 Masters champion Sergio Garcia. A father to a one year old baby girl. We asked what it means for him to see a female champion at Augusta National. 

“It was great. I thought it was amazing,” said Garcia. “The tournament looked great. I thought the girls played unbelievable.”

His daughter born the March after he won a green jacket so he named her “Azalea.” 

“I hope she does sports, I don’t care what whether it’s golf, tennis, soccer, whatever, but you never know,” said Garcia. “It would be nice to see her walking around here and playing Augusta, but you know, time will tell us.” 

Sorry Sergio…11-year-old Sophia Macias didn’t stay for your autograph.

“It’s really crazy how they finally have a women’s amateur here,” said Macias. 

All she wanted were these…

“This one is actually from a Stanford player.”

Signatures from the women’s amateurs on a flag from their tournament. 

“I think it’s better than the Masters logo.”

She left with a new appreciation for the game. 

“I think watching this one has really inspired me to do more because that means there’s probably going to be a lot more chances than just this so that’s really exciting,” said Macias.

“It’s incredible.”

As amateur Viktor Hovland got ready for his Masters debut… 

“It’s pretty crazy, a lot to take in,” said Hovland.

He watched the scores from his female counterparts. 

“It was cool to see them playing out here and shooting some really good numbers,” said Hovland.

He said they set the bar high. 

“Yeah, exactly, exactly. Need to step up.”