BINGHAMTON, NY – Who knows more about ghosts than a ghost hunter?

Gina Caprari is the Director of Empirical Paranormal, a ghost hunting group comprised of about 5 people here in Binghamton.

Caprari says she has a passion for the work, saying she started experiencing things as a child.

And later, she started hunting ghosts on her own, once she realized she was living in a haunted house.

“I decided, you know, that I would take a tape recorder, a little cassette tape recorder, and set it up in one of the rooms and I would let it run while I was sleeping in bed and the next morning I would get up and listen to the recorders and I would definitely have something on there,” says Caprari.

Several years later, Caprari and her team go on hunts throughout Binghamton and the surrounding areas, setting up equiptment and seeing what they can find.

She says research is done before each hunt, learning the former inhabitants of each place and who could possibly still be living there.

Notable hunts done by Empirical Paranormal include the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt last month, where the team set up in the Bundy Museum, which Caprari claims is haunted.

The Director of Development for the Bundy, Janna Rudler, backs this up as well, saying the most popular “ghost” is the one creating heavy footsteps in the upstairs (read that story here).

Next, the group will conquer one of the most notable hauntings in our area, the Fainting Goat Island Inn in Nichols.

The Inn was featured on the Travel Channel’s Hotel Paranormal last month (read that story here).

Built in the 1850’s as a railroad hotel, the Inn has a rich history of spooky instances, including those who hear a little boy laughing, doors opening on their own and phonographs turning on by themselves.

Caprari has never been there before, but she and the team are not nervous for the new adventure.

“I love to do it. I like to help people, when there’s a haunting somewhere and somebody’s afraid, we go in there and we help them out. We debunk things, also, when they think it’s something that it’s not, and then we just put their mind at ease,” says Caprari.

The investigation is part of a collaboration with Chrissy Gates, who runs the Social Media Agency Where is Chrissy Today?.

The group is inviting you on the hunt, which will take place on November 11 from 5 to 9. See event page here.

The group will also do visits to your own home, and you can call 607-766-1654 or send an email to

Or, visit

Be sure to tune into NewsChannel 34 on Halloween night for more on Empirical Paranormal.

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