WINDSOR, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) – The preseason rolls on in section four, we take a look at a team entering the year after a close loss to end the previous season.

A tough way to end the season for a young team, losing by 1 point in the playoffs.

But with a roster with many returning players, that young team has turned into one with experience and confidence.

“I know the young guys were probably a little nervous for all the games and their first playoff game and stuff,” Junior Wide Receiver and Cornerback Kohen Werner said. “So, I think we’re gonna be a little more confident this year.”

Windsor brings in a roster with plenty of varsity level experience, something that the coaching staff believes will be an advantage this season.

“We have a lot of kids that were up as freshmen,” Head Coach Tim Hogan said. “During the COVID year, we brought some kids up that we thought were gonna be ready to play and it’s gonna pay off I think.”

With so many having played together for years now, the Black Knights enter the year with a strong team chemistry.

“Everybody on the team is friends, everybody on the team gets along,” Junior Tight End and Outside Linebacker Ryan Kristof said. “We can joke with each other. It’s a very good balance of being able to have fun and enjoy it because it’s football but at the same time, we’re very able to show up and get to work.”

Even for a team that has reached the postseason in the past, they are keeping things simple and only worrying about one week at a time.

“We play one day at a time and then one game at a time,” Hogan said. “And that’s where we’re at, you know, people ask questions about someone else on our schedule and we go right back to, we play Sidney Week 0, that’s who we’re looking at.”

That Week 0 contest is an early chance for the Black Knights to put a win on their record, something the team hopes can get them rolling early.

“If you can stack up a couple wins, and just have momentum, I think a team can really get rolling,” Kristof said.

A team looking to start strong, carry the positive momentum through the season and make a run in the playoffs.