JOHNSON CITY, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – The Goodwill Theatre in Johnson City has an ambitious new season schedule jammed packed with jazz, comedy, cabaret and creativity.

The Schorr Family Firehouse Stage will play host to 60 different shows through next June.

Tomorrow evening, the Ladies of Laughter series continues with comedienne Carmen Lynch.

Then on Saturday October 8th, Goodwill CEO Naima Kradjian returns to the stage with Stephen Dell’Aversano for a cabaret show titled “Daydreams and Duets.”

Then on Friday October 14th, a comedy night with Mike Yard.

Throughout the season, there will be plenty of jazz, including monthly EnJOY Jazz jam sessions, as well as zydeco, folk and opera performances.

Kradjian says even the seating is stepping up.

“We changed our seating arrangement in response to the fact that not everyone wants to sit up on a stool. This area had been a row of stools and we had people say, ‘I’d really rather be in a chair.’ So, we got these nifty little tables, you can put your beverage down, you can sit here and you’re raised up and we still have our regular tables in front, we still have our stool tables on the side and some of the ones in back, so we have something for everybody.”

Kradjian says the Goodwill focuses on bringing in professional touring artists that you typically only see in larger cities.

She says the schedule includes comedy at least once or twice a month.

And she says Food and Fire will once again be providing the concessions.

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