Dr Oz’s video commentary regarding the recent WSJ article


SONY, U.S.A. – The Wall Street Journal published an op-ed piece yesterday, penned by Dr. Oz and his Columbia University colleague Kai Falkenberg titled “Facebook’s Scandal of Fake Celebrity Ads.”  

The article focused on tech companies that use celebrities’ personas unlawfully to promote misleading and deceptive products and content.  Dr. Oz’s name has been used in this way for years and most recently, promoting a “diabetes breakthrough” that promises to cure your diabetes and regulate blood sugar in two weeks.  

Dr. Oz also mentions the many other celebrities who have been targeted by fake ads including Denzel Washington and Bill Gates.

In this video, Dr. Oz speaks out about how this practice is stealing money and the health of vulnerable consumers.  

He also explains what some web platforms like Facebook are doing to help monitor the problem and how other tech companies should follow suit.

The WSJ article can be found here: Facebook’s Scandal of Fake Celebrity Ads: https://www.wsj.com/articles/facebooks-scandal-of-fake-celebrity-ads-11555270000

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