“Baby It’s Cold Outside” re-recorded with “consent friendly” lyrics


Following the controversy last holiday season over the classic song, “Baby it’s Cold Outside,” two big names in music have rewritten much of the song to be released for the 2019 season.

Kelly Clarkson and John Legend have teamed up to update the “troublesome” parts, most specifically what many are calling a “date rape” lyric, “say what’s in this drink?”

Some of the updated lyrics are:

What will my friends think/ I think they should rejoice

If I have one more drink/ It’s your body and your choice

I really can’t stay/ Baby it’s cold outside

I’ve gotta go away/ I can call you a ride

This evening has been/ So glad you dropped in

So very nice/ Time spent with you is paradise

My mother will start to worry/ I’ll call a car and tell ’em to hurry

The song revisions come two years after the #metoo movement went viral, and will be released on Legend’s upcoming holiday album.

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