PHILADELPHIA (NewsNation Now) — Nevada and Pennsylvania have certified their election results on Tuesday, determining Democrat Joe Biden as the winner in both states.

The Nevada Supreme Court made Biden’s win in the state official Tuesday morning, approving the final canvass of the Nov. 3 election.

The unanimous action by the seven nonpartisan justices sends to Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak results that will deliver six electoral votes from the western battleground state to Biden over Republican President Donald Trump.

Biden won by Nevada by 33,596 votes, according to results approved by elected officials in the state’s 17 counties. Biden got 50.06% of the vote and Trump 47.67%.

Nevada carries six electoral votes.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf also announced on Twitter Tuesday morning that state officials certified the election results.

He said he signed the certificate of ascertainment for the slate of electors for the president-elect and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

The State Department said Wolf’s “certificate of ascertainment” has been sent to the national archivist in Washington.

“Again, I want to thank the election officials who have administered a fair and free election during an incredibly challenging time in our commonwealth and country’s history,” Wolf said. “Our election workers have been under constant attack and they have performed admirably and honorably.”

Pennsylvania, which carries 20 electoral votes, was a key battleground state and subject of Trump’s legal attempts to invalidate the election results.

On Sunday, Trump appealed a federal judge’s dismissal of his campaign’s effort to block Pennsylvania’s certification of votes.

Under Pennsylvania law, Biden claims all 20 of the state’s Electoral College votes. The results show Biden and Harris with 3.46 million votes, Trump and Vice President Mike Pence with 3.38 million, and Libertarian Jo Jorgensen with 79,000.

Wolf’s announcement comes a day after the General Services Administration cleared a path for the start of the official presidential transition process.

GSA Administrator Emily Murphy made the determination that Biden is the “apparent winner” on Monday, the same day that Michigan voted to certify its results showing Biden won the battleground state.

Trump also gave the GSA and his administration the green light to participate in the transition on Monday.

He wrote on Twitter that his campaign would keep fighting, but that he recommended the GSA move forward with the initial transition protocols “in the best interest of our Country.”