Brindisi’s opponent for the congressional seat visited the Binghamton area today after receiving an invitation.

A parade showing support for Brindisi’s rival Claudia Tenney, President Trump, and local law enforcement took off from a municipal lot in Chenango this morning.
Cars and trucks were lined up in the lot with Trump and Tenney banners and signs.
Tenney says its things like this that make her think she will have a high voter turnout on Tuesday.
She also says she was flattered to be invited to this event.

NY Congressional District 22 Candidate Claudia Tenney says, “I was just excited to see a lot of people who care about our country and care about preserving our freedom, support me and support the president. It’s very exciting. I am honored to be invited and to attend as many of these as I can to get out the vote.”

Tenney calls this election a clear choice. She accused Brindisi of being behind a party that could turn the United States into a socialist nation. Brindisi says he’ll leave the partisan attacks to his opponent.
The challenger will be running to other campaign rallies all over the district, and will be back here tomorrow.