KIRKWOOD, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – If you intend on traveling during the storm, the Department of Transportation advises that motorists have an emergency kit in their vehicles at the ready.

Public Information Specialist Scott Cook says that the department has been in frequent communication with the National Weather service and other DOT services to create a plan, and adjust that plan based upon the fluctuation of the weather models.

He says that the department has just about 300 plow trucks in our region and that every one of them is currently on duty.

Public Information Specialist with the New York State Department of Transportation, Scott Cook says, “We have to pay attention to the roads before you see anything on the roads. So, we’ve got trucks out there salting, prepping the roads. The thing about freezing rain is it’s water when it comes down, and it freezes when it hits the surface. So, we try to keep those surfaces from freezing with water. The sleet is just harder to push.”

Cook says that when you look back and compare this storm to 2020’s 40 plus inches, far less work is required to keep the roads up to speed.

He says that when there is a storm, plow drivers operate on 12 hours shifts so that there is 24-hour coverage.

He says DOT employees take pride in their work, and that New York State’s Road warriors make up an elite force.