FALLS TOWNSHIP, WYOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Efforts are underway at a Wyoming county animal shelter to inform, inspire and empower the community, all while helping animals in need.

“This is a place where hope perseveres and where dreams actually come true,” said Indra Lahiri, Founder of Indraloka Animal Sanctuary

Located on nearly 100 acres in Falls Township, Wyoming County, Indraloka Animal Sanctuary is ‘heaven on earth’ for rescued farm animals.

“Every single one of these creatures was in a hopeless, desperate, nightmarish circumstance. The kinds of suffering we humans only experience in our darkest, darkest hours, and most of us never experience,” Lahiri explained.

Indraloka provides lifetime care for more than 100 animals living at the sanctuary after many of them escaped situations involving abuse and neglect.

“The reason that matters isn’t because they suffered, it’s because they survived it and because they’re happy now, and they’re living lives filled with joy and they’ve learned to trust again and they’ve learned to love again,” Lahiri added.

Through guided public tours, the non-profit tell the animals’ stories and helps people of all ages understand and respect them.

“We can’t possibly save all of the millions and billions of animals out there that need to be saved. What we can do though is educate others about the plight that they face, and then together we can do so much more,” stated Lahiri.

Furry friends both big and small can be found around every corner. Guests are welcome to interact with them.

“They go right up to the animals and want to get really close and snuggle and hug and pet them. And I think most people are just surprised. They’re taken in by the beauty of it. They look out and see these wonderful barns, the green pastures, and just take a deep breath,” stated Robin Olson, Director of Development for Indraloka Animal Sanctuary.

To schedule a tour or learn more about all Indraloka Animal Sanctuary has to offer you can visit their website or their Facebook page.