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CLINTON, NY – You know, travel can really change your life.

In this week’s Destination New York, we’re about to meet a woman from the Mohawk Valley who went to Italy for an education, and came back with a life’s passion.

Here’s NewsChannel 34’s Carrie Lazarus has her story.

You can’t miss it. the Cremeria stands out in this college town, bringing a taste of Italy to Clinton.

Maria Macrina was going to take her Ivy League degree and become a biomedical engineer.

Lucky for us she spent a year studying in Bologna, and fell in love with Gelato.

Seven years ago, Maria returned to Italy to learn how to make authentic gelato, landing an apprenticeship with the best in Bologna.

{{Maria Macrina}} “His name is Giacomo Sciavone. And he opened up a gelato shop in Bologne, called La Castiglione, which is one of the fairly famous gelato shops in Bologne.”

Maria came home to Sherill with a plan.

She ordered the same 700 pound machine her mentor uses and started selling gelato around town.

{{Maria Macrina}} “Chocolate.”

Three years ago, Maria took the plunge and opened the Cremeria.

{{Customer}} “Ya.”

The customers coming for the classic flavors and the original recipes Maria creates using ingredients from Italy and local fruits when they’re in season.

So, it sort of melts in there?

{{Maria Macrina}} “Exactly.”

Compared to ice cream, less air is churned into gelato, producing a creamier consistency, with more intense flavors.

{{Maria Macrina}} “It’s mine, and seeing the smiles on those faces is just, like, totally worth it.”

At the Cremeria in Clinton, Carrie Lazarus reporting.

The first of three half hour Destination New York specials airs this Saturday at 7:00 PM on WBGH NBC-5.

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