Our area is rich in its history of technology and industry, but one industry that is commonly overlooked is our area’s fishing opportunities. More specifically, the fly fishing in our area is known as some of the best across the world.

Fishing and Sales Associate at West Branch Angler, Cam Foster says. “So, typically, when people think about fly fishing for trout, the first thing that comes to mind is the West Coast, in Montana. The closest thing that you can get to that is the Upper Delaware River System. People refer to it as some of the best trout fishing East of the Mississippi.”

Whether you are an experienced angler or you looking to purchase your first fly-rod, the Delaware River is a perfect place to visit.

Fly-Fishing Instructor at Binghamton University, Gary Romanic says, “If you’re a beginning caster, of course, it’ll take a few years to become an intermediate caster and it will take a few years after that to master the casting strokes. And you’re only going to get better; and the greatest incentive, the fish. If you know there’s something out there, you wanna go after it, and you can’t reach it, guess what, you’re gonna go home and practice.”

The fly-fishing instructor at Binghamton University, Gary Romanic has fished across the globe and says that you get the biggest bang for your buck here on the Delaware. The trout fishing is especially good on the West Branch because it is a “tail-water;” which means that the river flows with cold water released from the Cannonsville Reservoir. Trout are most comfortable in cold water, and with the water temperature of the West Branch hovering around forty-five degrees all summer long, it is prime conditions for anglers.

Gary Romanic says, “So this is a year round fishery, it shouldn’t be just subjugated to, well it’s the only game in town in July and August so we’ll come to the West Branch. You can come here in January, February, December and have a great week or a great few days on the river. You’ll find less people on the river, more un-selective fish and have a great experience.”

Of course, those who are taking a trip to the West Branch need places to stay, eat, shop, and visit. The West Branch Angler is one of several resorts in the area offering cabin lodging, a full-service fly-shop, restaurant, and many more amenities.
People assume you have to travel at great lengths for quality fly-fishing, but the truth is, we have a vibrant and booming industry here in the Southern Tier

“It has a great reputation, it has great guides, has great lodging, good restaurants and it’s a fishery that can sustain itself, simply because of the cold water and the natural population of trout.”

Similar to any sport, you can go out and buy thousands of dollars worth of gear; however, the average price for a fly-fishing starter kit is one-hundred dollars.
Romanic says that fly-fishing is for everyone, you do not need to be an athlete, you don’t need to be coordinated, but you do need to be willing to apply the “Three P’s;” Patience, Perseverance, and Practice.

Especially after being cooped up for a couple years, what better way to get back into the world than surrounding yourself in nature and applying yourself to a challenging, yet rewarding sport.