ADAMS, N.Y. (WWTI) — Known as the “tree planters holiday,” April 29 celebrates Arbor Day, which has a local tie to the North Country.

J. Sterling Morton, the man recognized for starting Arbor Day traditions was born in Adams, located in Jefferson County, New York.

However, the first Arbor Day was celebrated over one thousand miles away from Adams in Nebraska City, when Morton served as secretary of agriculture in the Grover Cleveland administration.

It was said that for years, Morton has urged Nebraska to designate a day for tree planting. The holiday was then officially observed in April 1872. An estimated one million trees were planted on this day.

Now 150 years late, the day focusing on tree planting continues to be celebrated across the country, led by national organizations such as the Arbor Day Foundation, but also by local grassroots organizations and municipalities.

Locally in the North Country, the City of Watertown will host a volunteer tree planting project the day following Arbor Day on April 30. This effort will be led at Thompson Park and volunteers will plant 50 trees.

Additionally, Watertown will lead a week-long tree planting effort as the Department of Public Works conducts its annual Spring Tree Planting Project from May 2 to May 6. In total, 75 trees will be planted in various locations.

The Thousand Islands Land Trust will also host its “For the Trees” planting event on April 30. The Land Trust will have volunteers plant saplings at the S. Gerald Ingerson Preserve and Rivergate Trail in Clayton.

Visit the Arbor Day Foundation website for more events and information on the holiday.