BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) – A Northside Binghamton business is helping customers put more food on their plate from the Greater Good Grocery.

On Friday, the store accepted a $3,000 donation from Hopler and Eschbach Funeral Home to assist with its Double Up Food Bucks program. The program matches SNAP benefits used by shoppers, allowing them to buy more for themselves and their families.

Owner Kurt Eschbach says he’s lived and worked in the neighborhood for years and has seen the need firsthand.

“When you don’t have a car, when you spend a lot of time working, and you don’t have childcare to go to the grocery store, when you have to walk there two miles and back, it’s a hardship. Or is you have to take a taxi and spend money, that takes food off of your table. So, I see the difference every day that the grocery store makes in the neighborhood, bringing fresh food and affordable food to the neighborhood,” said Eschbach.

An anonymous donor matched Hopler and Eschbach’s $3,000 donation to the store.

The Greater Good Grocery is a non-profit established by the Broome County Council of Churches in an effort to address a food desert on the Northside and offer fresh produce for sale to residents.