BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) – Students at Woodrow Wilson Elementary got into the Halloween spirit by showing off their costumes and parading around the block ahead of tonight’s trick-or-treating.

There were all kinds of costumes, superheroes, villains, movie characters, spooky masks, and much more.

The students start inside the school, and the teachers lead them in a lap around the block to show off their costumes to the community.

The principal, Daniel Miller says that it can be difficult to keep the students focused on Halloween, so by getting the learning done earlier in the day, they get to look forward to the parade.

“They just have a really fun time getting set for the evening tonight before they go Trick-Or-Treating. A lot of the lessons today revolve around how to do that safely. We really try to impress that upon them. And then we practice that as we’re walking in the parade,” said Miller.

Miller says a majority of the lessons in the classroom today focused on Halloween safety. Things such as don’t trick-or-treat alone, don’t stay out after dark, and wear reflective costumes to be seen in the low light.