BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – After having to cancel shows due to the pandemic and a tour of the U-K, singer-songwriter Rachael Sage is finally returning to Binghamton to celebrate her latest release.

She’s performing at Atomic Tom’s on State Street in Binghamton on Saturday.

Sage combines a mix of folk, pop and rock with soulful vocals as she plays piano, guitar and a little bit of percussion.

Sage says she’s recently been introducing some spoken word into her performances as well.

She left New York City during the pandemic and is now based in the Hudson Valley.

But she says she has a soft spot for Greater Binghamton, having played here numerous times, developing a loyal following.

Sage says that like her appearance, her music is very colorful.

“I tend to think very visually when I’m composing music. I suppose I’ve got a touch of synethesia. I get bored if it’s all too samey for too long. So, it’s going to be an emotional and musical roller coaster and I invite you to join me.”

Sage will be performing music from her most recent E-P “Revelation Ground” as well as her album “Character” which came out during the pandemic.

She says her Binghamton fans have already been contacting her with their requests.

Saturday’s show is at 8 P-M.

Tickets are $27 and can be purchased at