BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Ahoy, here come the Puppies of Penzance.

The dog show will be entertaining crowds at Spiedie Fest this weekend. The performance follows a pirate ship manned by a crew of dogs on their search for treasure.

The puppies encounter a series of obstacles that they must use their special tricks to overcome.

Owner Carolyn Rice describes the show as a fun-filled treasure hunt full of tricks, treats, and surprises.

Rice says, “Dogs are so special. Dogs give us unconditional love. I have to put a fence around my show to keep the people out because dogs are like magnets. We all love dogs and to watch dogs play, for them this is play, it’s not work, and for them to play, and jump, and frolic with joy, it just brings us so much joy.”

Rice says she focuses on working with small to medium size mixed breed dogs.

She says her 6 performers respond very well to treats.