Meatafora Advances its Mission in Bringing Cost-Efficient and Scalable Cultured Meat to the Marketplace

  • Meatafora is leveraging its newest technology to advance its mission to enter the market with a cultured meat product that is affordable, scalable, and flavorful.

  • Meatafora’s technology was featured in an extensive article published in Nature Communications, a notable online science and research journal.

TEL AVIV, Israel, Sept. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --   Meatafora, a prominent innovator in the cultivated meat industry, is breaking ground with its newest technology that could bring the food tech company closer to entering the consumer marketplace with a premium cultivated meat alternative that is both superior in quality and affordable. The company achieved two key milestones with its procurement of its latest innovation from Technion Israel Institute of Technology, a leading research university. First, Meatafora has successfully developed an oleogel fat substitute that mimics animal-derived fat, but with improved nutritional value. The food tech company also produced edible and high-quality microcarriers for upscaling cultured meat production. Nature Communications, a notable science journal and media outlet, recently published an article detailing Meatafora’s technology.

“We are thrilled that a prominent publication like Nature Communications understands the significance of our recent milestones,” said Marcelle Machluf, Founder, Meatafora. “We believe the future is cultivated meats. This is a moment of growth for Meatafora and we will continue to make strides towards bringing a delicious meat alternative to the marketplace that is affordable, scalable and more ethical than the current industrial agricultural system.”

According to a recent report by GovGrant, the cultured meat industry could make up 35% of global meat consumption by 2040. Singapore became the first country to approve the sale of a cultured meat product in 2020. The FDA followed suit in 2022 by clearing slaughter-free, lab grown meat for US consumption. The decision from regulators in both countries could be a tipping point for the industry. Meatafora focuses on scaling up and offering the most cost-efficient option to the marketplace.


Meatafora believes the future is cultivated meats. The company is revolutionizing the lab grown meat industry with its production of ethical cultivated meat that doesn’t compromise on taste, quality, or nutrition. Founded by renowned Professor Marcelle Machluf and entrepreneur Shmuel Yannay, Meatafora is on the cusp of engineering a meat product that offers more than just a clean and sustainable alternative to agricultural meat. Meatafora is pioneering a cultivated meat with improved nutritional value, texture, and exemplary taste. Through its state-of-the-art technology, the company can reduce costs by up to 50%, creating a premium product that is affordable for the consumer.

Meatafora recently completed a $6.5 million raise led by New Gate Capital. The investment will be used to complete the company’s R&D and execute its go-to-market strategy.

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