UHS is undergoing the largest modernization project in its history.

The Wilson Project is set to transform the Wilson Medical Center in Johnson City into a state of the art healing environment.

The emergency and trauma departments will expand three times greater than their current size. An additional one-hundred and twenty private rooms and bathrooms will be built.

President and CEO of UHS, John Carrigg says the heli-pad will be relocated on top of the building, which results in an extra seven to nine minutes to save someone’s life.

President and CEO of UHS John Carrigg says, “Patients need this type of modernized care. As we’ve seen through the pandemic the emergency service and trauma service is more important than ever. Privacy for patient rooms is more important than ever, and as I said before this is the first modernization of the UHS Wilson campus in Johnson City in more than thirty years so it’s long overdue.”

Carrigg gave members of the Binghamton Noon Rotary an update on the project. Preparations began around the end of February and early march.
The construction crew broke ground at the end of April. UHS expects the project to be done in roughly three years.