BINGHAMTON, NY – Members from the UHS Foundation met with the Binghamton Rotary Club to provide an update on the ongoing Journey Campaign.

The campaign goes hand-in-hand with UHS’s Wilson Project.

UHS says the Wilson Project will develop a six-story, state-of-the-art clinical tower on the campus of Wilson Medical in Johnson City.

Cory Jacobs, the Executive Director of the UHS Foundation says that in just a year-and-a-half, the initiative has raised over seven-million dollars for the renovations.

UHS says the Wilson Project is one of the largest capital investments throughout the organization’s history, and the first expansion of the Johnson City location in thirty-years.

Executive Director of the UHS Foundation, Cory Jacobs says, “And in order for UHS and our campaign to be successful, we want all of these community people in this room to be talking about our project. We encourage folks to donate themselves, but also, take some of our stories we’re gonna talk about today, take those back to their spheres of influence and encourage them to support us as well.”

Jacobs says that local foundations and corporations have been the biggest contributors to the Journey Campaign.

The foundation’s goal is to reach the ten-million-dollar milestone by 2024.

To donate, visit, or you can call 762-2171.