ENDICOTT, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Some U-E high school students are learning about Endicott’s history while also supporting efforts to beautify it.

Students in Elizabeth Scalcione’s 9th grade Global Studies class spent an afternoon recently cataloguing historic trees in the village.

It’s part of a civic action readiness project in which the kids research historical records of Endicott, including buildings and roads as well as trees and other natural elements.

The students will then reflect on what changes have taken place in the village and what impact it’s had on the environment.

Scalcione says the project helps them connect with their community.

“Where they’ve grown up, what their community used to look like. They’ve been very engaged in thinking about the history of Endicott. And it’s made them feel much more connected to what this community can be, remain to be as beautiful as it can be,” she said.

The students had help from Cornell Cooperative Extension horticulturalists in determining the genus and species of the trees, rating their condition and noting any unusual characteristics.

They also measured the diameter of the trees 4 and a half feet off the ground.

Freshman Gabriel DeJesus says he likes it when the class goes outside.

“For me, I work better hands-on and actually being part of a group. I feel like that helps people to learn better, to understand the process,” DeJesus says.

Through the project, the Union-Endicott students can also earn a Civic Seal on their high school diploma.

Their efforts are also assisting members of the village’s tree commission.

The survey results will be included in an application for a 50 thousand dollar Department of Environmental Conservation grant.