BINGHAMTON, NY – With LUMA right around the corner, the technical team is hard at work preparing for the two day festival.

The lead technical director, Fermin Romero the third, says that the software used at LUMA is so niche, only a small number of people across the planet are trained in using it.

The entire tech crew for LUMA are volunteers; the team started its training for the festival this past week at the Koffman Incubator.

On show nights, the crews aim several projectors at buildings around Binghamton, but throughout the training process, the directors practice with just two projectors pointed at a flat, blank wall.

Lead Technical Director at LUMA, Fermin Romero III says, “If I let them know always, that I’ve always got them, I’m always there to be able to help them to troubleshoot any problem, it allows them to push themselves that much more. It allows them to try something that much more, because, if something goes wrong, that is already wrong, Fermin is right there, I’m right on the radio.”

Melissa Schmitz, one of LUMA’s technical directors says that it is actually somewhat easier to set-up the images when using a large building than in a controlled environment such as the training room.

She says the physical features of the building make it easier to line-up and pin the projectors in the exact spot.

Technical Director at LUMA Melissa Schmitz says, “Even besides the technical aspects of the work, we might have people that are you know, better at the image pinning, or networking, or other IT skills. We also need people who are good with working with people so that we can coordinate volunteers. Understanding city planning or just having creative ideas about how we can make the festival better, so, it truly is a team effort.”

Several additional video elements, such as audio, are introduced to the show on the night of the festival.

The technical directors at each LUMA site are working in front of thousands of people in the dark.

These volunteers are the grunt work behind the magical experience that is LUMA.

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