JOHNSON CITY, NY – A brand new coffee house is adding a unique flavor to Main Street in downtown Johnson City.

Kathryn and Tom Sheredy, owners of the Sole City Coffeehouse, want their business to remind customers of the bustle the Endicott-Johnson Shoe factories once brought to the Triple Cities.

The Sheredys say they aim to model the E-J pioneers’ message of inclusivity, ensuring everyone can enjoy the fresh coffee, bagels, or pastries at Sole City.

Kathryn says they’ve received a lot of support from the local community to make her vision a reality.

“That was important to us that we made sure that we held true to the historic vision where it was built and hopefully everyone on Main Street does the same. It’s really coming together down here,” she says.

After the hardships caused by the pandemic, the owners hope to inspire others to open storefronts next door in an effort to revitalize the downtown business district.

The Sole City Coffeehouse is located at 250 Main Street in Johnson City.

It’s open Monday through Saturday 7:30 AM to 3 PM.