BINGHAMTON, NY – One of the controversial figures involved in the January 6th insurrection investigation made a pit stop in Binghamton today.

Rudy Giuliani visited Rec Park to stump for his son Andrew’s campaign for New York Governor.

Rudy says that Andrew is the only candidate who has a plan to solve crime that is ready to be rolled out on day one as governor. Rudy says that the focal points of the plan include refunding the police, and doing-away with the no bail provisions put in place by Governors Cuomo and Hochul.

Rudy says that Andrew’s experience working alongside former President Donald Trump, has more than prepared him for the challenges of being governor.

Father of Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Giuliani, Rudy Giuliani says, “It’s time for a change in New York. If you don’t change, you just continue to deteriorate. We lose more citizens than any state in the country. Andrew will reverse that immediately with major cuts in the state budget, fifteen-percent, except for the police. The police will be increased dramatically, cause you have to set priorities.”

Rudy mentioned that Andrew strongly believes in our region’s ability to grow economically through fracking.
He says that the inflation problems, specifically the price of gas, wouldn’t be nearly as bad if New York State developed its own energy resources.
Andrew Giuliani’s opponents for the Republican Gubernatorial Primary include Lee Zeldin, Harry Wilson, and Rob Astorino.

Rudy says that a recent poll has Andrew Giuliani leading the Republican race by over ten-percent, although other polls have shown Zeldin with a sizeable lead.

The primaries will take place on Tuesday, June 28th.